*Sometimes during special processes, such as Vivaha Wedding ceremonies, these offerings may not be available. 

Water Offering

Visitors to the Abode may offer water to the linga and make contact with it as a way to connect more deeply with the powerful energies the form radiates. This process is open to anyone for free.

water offering abode of yoga

Trigun Offering

Trigun Offering – Vibhuti, turmeric and vilva or neem leaf are offered to the linga.  These represent three qualities of Adiyogi:

– Ash (Vibhuti) represents the right:
Ascetic, Masculine

– Turmeric represents the left:
Passionate, Feminine

– Vilva or neem leaf represents the third eye that is beyond polarities

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Vibhuti-Turmeric Offering

Pournami Pooja- Receive offerings by mail throughout the year

You can be in touch with the Grace of Adi Yogi no matter where you live by receiving prasadam from the arathi offered to Adi Yogi on full moon days. Shipped to your home monthly, the Pournami Pooja prasadam package includes:

~ a copper pot of vibhuti or ash for applying between the eyebrows at the ajna chakra—directing energies to that point;

~ prasadam or an energized sweet made from black sesame and raw cane sugar for you to consume and share;

~ a neem leaf—a bitter-flavored, cleansing herb which can be consumed to enhance health;

~ a flower that you may keep with you in your pocket or purse;

~ an Adi Yogi sutra, a consecrated thread to be worn for 40-48 days on the left wrist for women and the right wrist for men. The sutra offers the wearer support for their spiritual growth.

Pournami Pooja Interest Form

Special Processes

Access the powerful energies of the Abode in support of your wellbeing during key stages of development, momentous occasions, or important transitions in your life. Within the next year, more processes will become available for the whole scope of one’s life from birth to death.  Additional processes will include those for infants, children, and couples, such as Namakaranam (the naming of a child) and Vivaha (sacred wedding ceremonies.)  The Abode will also offer Kalabhairava Karma and Kalabhairava Shanti processes to instill pleasantness in those who’ve passed away.

Klesha Nashana Kriya – Cleansing of the Energy Body

Periodic cleansing of the energy body wards off negativity and provides one with a protective aura supporting physical health and mental wellbeing. Klesha Nashana Kriya includes a powerful process with neem leaves, which are a great cleanser and energizer of the system. The process is completed by running an arathi (fire bath) along certain tracks in the aura to remove impurities. Each Klesha Nashana Kriya takes about 50 minutes. This process is available to those of all ages. Aura cleansing leaves one rejuvenated by creating mental balance and improving physical health, helping the body ‘breathe’ better, and removing negative influences.

Sadhguru on Klesha Nashana Kriya: Watch Video

The fee for Klesha Nashana Kriya is $111.

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Ayush Kriya – An Offering for a Long and Good Life

Ayush Kriya supports overall health and wellbeing. The process includes Klesha Nashana Kriya, a cleansing process for the energy body, and Loha Arpanam, an offering of precious metal in your choice of gold ($2100), silver ($333), or copper ($150). Ayush Kriya is often conducted to celebrate a birthday, wedding anniversary, or other significant milestone in the Grace of Adiyogi.

Family Celebrations
A larger celebration in honor of your special occasion can be arranged for your family, friends, or the whole ashram. Group celebrations can include annadhanam-a special meal and/or prasadam (sweet) offered at the Abode and served in the ashram dining. An additional donation is required for group celebrations. Please inquire with the main office for details.

Vijaya Arpanam – An Offering for Success & Prosperity

Prosperity and wellbeing pave the way for a seeker to pursue deeper dimensions of life. Vijaya Arpanam supports new endeavors, existing businesses and careers. The process involves an elaborate offering of the five elements to the Abode.

As part of the process, you receive a consecrated, precious metal coin in your choice of gold ($3,000), silver ($625) or copper ($555) bearing the image of Adiyogi. The coin serves as a reminder of your offering and a connection with the Abode.Once you receive it, you should keep the Adiyogi coin with you in your pocket, wallet, or a pouch.  (The coin can be kept aside when showering, sleeping etc.)

Vijaya Arpanam from Afar

On both full moon and new moon days, we are performing the Vijaya Arpanam process on behalf of those who are unable to visit the Abode in person.  Once the process is complete, you will receive your coin and a prasadam package by mail. (The shipping fee is $50 in North America.  This fee includes basic insurance for the value of the coin itself.  Shipping to further destinations may incur additional charges depending on distance and coin type).  Vijaya Arpanam process from afar begins in the early morning and finishes in the afternoon.  Registration must be booked at least a day in advance.

Bhuta Shuddhi Vivaha Wedding Process

This is a special opportunity to be married in the presence of Adi Yogi. Along with those who wish to be married, this is a process is also available for those who are previously married.

“There is certain beauty in two lives trying to merge into one. To think beyond yourself, to feel beyond yourself, to accommodate another is also a stepping stone for the ultimate union. Vivaha is a certain form of consecration for marriages. This is a very ancient form, its origin is in the yogic system, where the fundamental process is Bhuta Shuddhi, which means having knowledge and mastery over the magic of the five elements. The whole system of yoga is focused on this. In this Bhuta Shuddhi we want them to achieve a union beyond thought, companionship, emotion, body, on an elemental level.” – Sadhguru

Since this requires an application process, advance booking will be necessary. Please contact

Vivaha Marriage Process

Processes for Children

Vidyarambham – A Process to Enhance Learning & Support Knowing

This age-old tradition introduces young children into the world of knowledge and learning. It is a supportive process for children enrolling in school or for the start of a new school year.  The fee for Vidhyarambham is $250.


Anna Prasanam – A Process to Nourish a ​Child’s Health

This ceremony enhances a child’s health, longevity, strength, and vitality.  Anna Prasanam supports the transition of a baby from mother’s milk to solid foods.  It is a celebratory occasion where family members and friends can participate in the first feeding of your child.  The fee for Anna Prasannam is $250.

Anna prasanam

Classes at the Abode

Bhuta Shuddhi

Bhuta Shuddhi – Purification of the five elements

The basis for all creation, including the physical body, is the group of five elements: earth, water, wind, fire, and space. The wellbeing of the body and mind can be established by purifying these five elements within the human system. This process also shapes the body into a stepping stone towards one’s ultimate wellbeing.

There is a whole system of yoga called Bhuta Shuddhi, which means “purification of the elements.”  The Bhuta Shuddhi process provides a unique opportunity for everyone to benefit from this deep yogic science, which otherwise requires intense sadhana (spiritual practices). One can continue this process at home on a daily basis.

Sadhguru on Bhuta Shuddhi:  Bhuta Shuddhi Video

The fee for Bhuta Shuddhi class is $150, which includes your kit for daily practice.

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Yoga Namaskar

At the Abode, visitors can learn a very powerful system of yoga called Yoga Namaskar, and offer it by practicing within the Abode to become more receptive to the energies there.

It has all-around benefits for the entire body, including activating the lumbar region of the spine in a tremendous way to regenerate and protect the spine as one ages. Yoga Namaskar is a very simple and complete process by itself, which visitors can continue to practice when they return home.

There is no fee to learn Yoga Namaskar.

Booking Details:

Abode processes and classes are available by appointment only.  Registration for all processes is required a minimum of a day in advance.  Payment must be made at the time of booking. No refunds or transfers are available within 24hrs of the process/class. (Please see the full cancellation policy at bottom prior to booking.)

Processes are scheduled back-to-back and begin on time.  Please call ahead if you are running late for any reason.  If arriving late, we will do our best to fit you in, but we will preferentially honor other scheduled appointments that are running on time.

·  90% will be refunded if cancellation occurs 14 days or more before the process. 10% is deducted as a processing fee. (Or you may transfer the funds to an Abode process within the next 1 year for no additional fee)

·  50% will be refunded if cancellation occurs within 13 days or less of the process. (Or you may transfer 50% of the funds to an Abode process within the next 1 year)

·  No refunds or transfers are available within 24 hrs of the process

·  For all transfers, the funds must be applied to an Abode process within the next 1 year from the date of transfer

·  Refund processing time is 7-10 days

Payments made towards processes are not tax-deductible.

For more information inquire at Special Process Inquiry

Abode Seva: Open to Isha Meditators

Since the consecration of Adiyogi: Abode of Yoga in 2015, only the residents of Isha Institute have had the privilege of taking care of the Abode. This involves two volunteers at a time who are in the Abode for six to eight hours everyday for seven days. They welcome and guide visitors, take care of offerings, and maintain various aspects of this powerful space while being immersed in the energy and Grace of Adi Yogi. For the first time Sadhguru is opening this opportunity for meditators from the cities to participate in seva (sacred service) at the Abode.

Please click here for Interest Form

Sharing: “Abode Seva experience is like nothing I have ever done before. I feel like it brought me intimately close with the creator and creation – perhaps more than daily sadhana ever has. To care for a space so powerful that changes so many lives is a tremendous privilege and I am so grateful for the experience.” – Rebecca Auld